Are you planning to join the Pak Army? It’s a great opportunity to serve your country and its people. The Pakistan Army frequently opens numerous vacant positions with different qualification requirements, allowing you to choose a role that matches your qualifications. You can join the Pakistan Army as a Captain or as a Soldier, among many other available positions which will be listed.

Join Pak Army

To join the Pakistan Army, you must meet specific requirements, so I would like to request users pay close attention to the job requirements when making their selection.

OrganizationPakistan Army
State / Provincein All States of Pakistan
Job TypeFull Time / Permanent
Job LocationCities can be seen in Paper ad
Salary RangeWill be discussed in interview

Average Salaries and Benefits

Officers and soldiers serving in the Pakistan Army receive competitive salaries starting from PKRs 35,000 to 200,000 Estimated and a range of benefits. These include basic pay, allowances for housing and food, as well as special allowances for those in active service areas. Additionally, they enjoy comprehensive healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. The Pakistan Army also provides pension plans and post-retirement benefits, Overall, the Pakistan Army offers its officers and soldiers attractive compensation packages

Vacant Positions to join Pak Army

The provided list highlights that these jobs are available in the Pakistan Army as open vacant positions. Please kindly refer to the job advertisements below; if these jobs are listed there, you can apply to join the Pakistan Army other vise Consider these as expired.

  • Join as Captain
  • Commissioned Officer
  • Clerk
  • Cook
  • Driver
  • Lady Cadet Course
  • PMA Long Course
  • Junior Commissioned Officer / Naib Khateeb
  • Military Police / General Duty
  • Sipahi / Join as a Soldier
  • Sipahi Clerk
  • Sipahi Cook
  • Sweeper / Sanitary Worker
  • Mess Waiter
  • Medical Cadet

How to Join Pak Army as Captain

Eligibility Check:

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, which typically include being a Pakistani citizen, holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and falling within the age limit set for the position.

Apply Online:

Visit the official Pakistan Army website and navigate to the “Join Pakistan Army” section. Select the appropriate category for Captain, and fill out the online application form. Upload the required documents, including educational certificates, photographs, and CNIC/B-Form.

Selection Process:

If your application is shortlisted, you’ll be called for initial tests, including written tests, physical tests, and interviews. Successfully passing these tests will lead to your selection as a Captain in the Pakistan Army. After selection, you’ll undergo training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).

Joining the Pakistan Army as a Soldier

Eligibility and Registration:

First, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, which typically include being a Pakistani citizen, having at least a Matric (10th grade) education, and meeting age requirements. Then, visit the official Pakistan Army website or the nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RC) to collect and submit the registration forms. Make sure to bring the necessary documents, such as your educational certificates and CNIC/B-Form.

Initial Tests and Interviews:

Once registered, you will undergo initial tests and interviews, which may include a written test, a physical fitness test, and an interview. These evaluations are designed to assess your suitability for the role of a Soldier.


After successfully passing the initial tests and interviews, you will be selected and sent for basic military training. This training typically takes place at various Pakistan Army training centers, where you will learn essential military skills and disciplines.

Be sure to stay updated with the latest information on the Pakistan Army’s official website and follow their instructions throughout the application and selection process.

Eligibility Criteria to join Pak Army Jobs

If you aspire to serve in the Pakistan Army, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria. Here’s a structured summary of the key requirements:

Gender Eligibility:

Both Females and males are eligible to apply for various positions in the Pakistan Army.
Skills Required:

Teaching or Medical Skills:

Applicants should possess specialized skills in teaching or medical fields, depending on the specific job role.

Age Limit:

Age Range: Applicants should be between 20 to 35 years old to be eligible for Army positions.

Education Qualifications:

Master’s and Graduation Degrees: Many positions require candidates to hold at least a Master’s or Graduation degree, depending on the role’s nature and responsibilities.

Experience Needed:

Experience Range: Applicants are typically expected to have between 2 to 5 years of relevant experience in their respective fields.

Please bear in mind that these eligibility criteria can vary depending on the specific job postings within the Pakistan Army. Always refer to the official job announcements and the Pakistan Army’s website for the most accurate and current information regarding job openings and eligibility requirements. Best of luck to those pursuing a career in the Pakistan Army!

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Please Check the Expiry date before Applying for a Job in Pak Army

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the age requirements to join the Pakistan Army as a Soldier?

Age limits may vary, but typically, candidates should be between 17 to 23 years old.

What educational qualifications are required to join as a Soldier?

Candidates usually need at least a Matric (10th grade) certificate.

How can I apply to join the Pakistan Army as an Officer (e.g., Captain)?

You can apply online through the official Pakistan Army website by filling out the relevant application form and submitting the required documents.

What is the selection process for becoming an Army Officer or Soldier?

The selection process includes initial tests, physical fitness assessments, interviews, and medical examinations. The specific steps may vary by role.

Do I need prior military experience to join the Pakistan Army?

No, prior military experience is not typically required for entry-level positions.

What benefits and allowances do soldiers and officers receive in the Pakistan Army?

Benefits include competitive salaries, housing and food allowances, healthcare coverage, pension plans, and various post-retirement benefits.

Can females join the Pakistan Army?

Yes, both males and females are eligible to join the Pakistan Army, with certain roles being gender-specific.

How long is the initial training period for Army recruits?

The duration of basic training can vary but is typically several months.

Can I join the Pakistan Army if I am not a Pakistani citizen?

No, candidates must be Pakistani citizens to join the Pakistan Army.