Join PAF as an Airman, Officer, or Pilot, or choose your desired position. Pakistan Air Force regularly announces new vacancies on the PAF official website, and we share these jobs on our website so that our visitors can stay informed about the vacant positions in the Pakistan Air Force.

PAF is looking for skilled, hardworking, and educated individuals, and they are hiring for various job positions. The requirements for different job positions may vary, but job seekers ranging from Matric to Bachelor’s degree holders can join PAF.

No matter which area of Pakistan you are from, you can join PAF by applying online for your desired job position. You can search the list of jobs provided below to see if your desired positions are available or not. Some jobs may have expired, but stay tuned as PAF may start hiring again for your desired position in a few days.

OrganizationPakistan Air Force
State / ProvinceCandidates for All over Pakistan
Job TypeFull Time Permanent
Job Location
Salary package30,000 to 150,000 est

Average Salary & Perks

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) employees receive competitive salaries Ranging from 30,000 to 150,000 EST and a range of benefits based on their job grade and experience. These benefits include access to medical facilities, housing, educational support, and opportunities for training and career development. PAF also provides post-retirement benefits, such as pensions, ensuring financial security after retirement. These incentives make a career in PAF promising and rewarding for individuals.

Vacant Positions to Join PAF

The list below highlights specific job roles that are part of the Pakistan Air Force, and hiring for these positions is regularly conducted. Therefore, please find the list of available jobs in the “Available Jobs” section below and review it before applying. Be sure to check the application deadline before submitting your job application.

  • Pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Ground Support Staff
  • Medical Officer
  • Admin and HR Personnel
  • Finance and Accounts Officer
  • Legal Officer
  • Information Technology (IT) Specialist
  • Education Instructor
  • Security Personnel
  • Meteorologist
  • Logistics and Supply Officer
  • Public Relations Officer

Pakistan Air Force Job Eligibility Criteria

Creating a job guide for those interested in joining the Pakistan Air Force is a valuable resource. Here’s a structured summary of the key eligibility criteria:

Gender Eligibility:

Both Males and Females are eligible to apply for various positions in the Pakistan Air Force.
Skills Required:

Computer Basics:

Basic computer skills are advantageous, depending on the specific job role.
Hardworking: A strong work ethic is highly valued in the Pakistan Air Force.

Age Limit:

Minimum Age: 22 Years
Maximum Age (EST): 28 Years

Education Qualifications:

  • Graduation: Many positions may require candidates to have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Middle: Some positions may have Middle education as the minimum requirement.

Experience Requirement:

Relevant Experience: Experience requirements can vary based on the specific job role. Applicants are typically expected to have relevant experience as specified in the job announcement.

Height Requirement:

Height Range: Applicants should fall within the height range of 163 – 183 cm.

Nationality Requirement:

Only Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply for positions in the Pakistan Air Force.

It’s important to note that the exact eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific job postings within the Pakistan Air Force. Please Check job openings and eligibility requirements. Good luck to those pursuing a career in the Pakistan Air Force!

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How to Apply to Join PAF Comprehensive Guide

The video provided offers a complete guide on how to apply to the Pakistan Air Force and emphasizes the importance of the host explaining the process in the best possible way. The crucial point of this video is that it thoroughly explains how to avoid common mistakes when applying online. Please watch this video before checking the job listings.

Last Available Vacant Positions to Join PAF

Please make sure to note down the last date mentioned in the advertisements below. We have downloaded these job listings from the official website of the Pakistan Air Force before applying for these positions.

Latest Ad PAF Joining

Frequently Asked Questions about PAF

What Qualification is Required for PAF?

The qualifications required for PAF vary depending on the specific job or role. Generally, a minimum of Matriculation (SSC) is required for lower positions, while higher ranks may require Intermediate (FSc) or a Bachelor’s degree.

What are PAF civilians?

PAF civilians are individuals who work in administrative, technical, or non-combat roles within the Pakistan Air Force but are not part of the uniformed military personnel.

How long is PAF course?

The duration of PAF courses varies based on the specialization or trade. Courses can range from a few weeks to several years, depending on the specific training program.

Who is eligible for PAF?

Eligibility criteria can vary, but generally, individuals who meet the age, educational, and physical fitness requirements are eligible to join PAF.

How can I apply for PAF after FSc?

After completing your FSc (Intermediate), you can apply to join PAF as an officer or in a technical trade. Check the official PAF website for job listings and application details.

What is the lowest rank of PAF?

The lowest rank in the Pakistan Air Force is usually Aircraftman (AC), but there may be different ranks in various trades and branches within PAF.